Computer access and training

There is help available for not-for-profit organisations to access free or low cost computers, software and training.


The State of Volunteering Online is a monthly e-newsletter that the Office for Volunteers e-mails to volunteers, community organisations and government agencies.

Fact sheets

The Office for Volunteers produces a range of fact sheets covering topics relevant to individual volunteers and volunteer involving organisations.

Risk Management/Insurance

Organisations in South Australia have a responsibility to provide a healthy, safe and risk-free environment for their paid staff, volunteers and the communities they serve.

Safe Work Australia publishes a range of guidance material to provide information on the model work health and safety laws and to assist compliance for volunteers and volunteers organisations.

Television campaign

You can view the SA Government's television campaign aimed at promoting volunteering.

Volunteer Partnership - Accessing Resources Project

The Office for Volunteers Volunteer Partnership – Accessing Resources Project is an initiative to make more government owned facilities and resources available for use by community groups.

Volunteer Resource Centres

Find out where Volunteer Resource Centres are located, across South Australia.